Craig R Hoover

craig r. hoover

senior web solutions architect and developer

is craig a real person?

yes I am! I work in the d.c. metro area, have lived here my entire life (42 years) and support my family with my experience in web technology

what craig does not like

recruiters, bureaucracy, politics, e-commerce development, framework evangelists, over-complexity in engineering

why does this site look so empty?

it's not empty, it's efficient (unit test this!)

your favicon is lame!

do you contribute to open source?

Senei says, yes!

what craig can do for you

web development, problem solving, advising, most anything web/internet related (also some basic construction work and electrical work!)

using what?

brainpower patience nodejs sailsjs javascript / ecmascript jquery angularjs (don't like it though) css3 php html5 mysql mongo redis memcache apache nginx basic GIS (ogr2ogr, GeoJSON) AWS OpenLayers Leaflet ruby on rails (enough to make a dent) perl (been quite a while) BASH scripting xml xslt social apis *nix virtual machines and 23 years of "in-the-trenches" experience and knowledge (Oorah!)

creating what?

usable web applications web-based business products formidable web solutions dynamic ui components restful apis cool web products that makes life easier!

specializing in

code refactoring, simplification and normalization (a realist approach) data scalability performance tuning database optimization web systems design scalable database denormalization

integrating whom?

google twitter instagram foursquare facebook oauth anyone that has a web, OAUTH, REST, SOAP, or JSON API

what do I love?

a great freakin’ idea and dedicated people that make it happen! (even if they are digging ditches, they better be some damn good looking ditches)